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The Pollack Laboratory studies water. We have uncovered evidence for water’s long-sought fourth phase, and are actively pursuing its ramifications. We focus particularly on health, where we pursue experiments defining the close linkage between wellness and water’s fourth (EZ) phase. Experiments also focus on other areas of natural science and technology in which EZ water plays a central – sometimes unexpectedly central – role. We operate in an atmosphere of eagerness to uncover the deeply held principles of nature, at their most fundamental level.

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Lab Environment: the Pollack laboratory is open, inviting, and multi-cultural. We are constantly seeking answers to fundamental questions; hence lab people are particularly welcoming of fresh, sometimes controversial, ideas. Passersby often report a “buzz” coming from the lab.

Sometimes all the intensity and concentration spill over into various forms of silliness, often resulting in a warm and engaged community. Please enjoy the sampling below.



Opportunities arise continually at all levels ranging from visiting scientists and postdocs, down to undergraduates with little or no experience. You are welcome to apply any time, even if no specific opening is listed. (Sometimes, we neglect to list them.) Openings may occur abruptly, because of someone’s unexpected departure, or as the result of a newly funded grant. Flexibility is considerably higher if you are able to come with your own support.

The kinds of people who benefit most from their experience here are those who are creative and open minded. If you believe that everything in the textbook is correct, then you would probably do better elsewhere. If you believe that even some fundamentals of science remain to be discovered, then this might be the right place for you. The atmosphere is stimulating and interactive. We want motivated people who get caught up in doing experiments to answer fundamental questions, or enjoy exploiting fundamentals for developing practical applications.

The University of Washington and the region in which it resides are exceptional places to work. While many appreciate that the University of Washington is one of the top universities in the country, few realize that it has been number one in terms of federal funding for public universities for years. That means that UW has researchers working in virtually any discipline you can name, often many of them. An expert is always nearby. And, the atmosphere is highly cross-disciplinary.

Both the City of Seattle and the Northwest region in which it lies are among the most beautiful – perhaps even breathtaking – anywhere.

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