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My snowboarding movie debut

A new film links fourth-phase water to snowboarding — and we’re in it. The legendary snowboarder, Travis Rice, chose to name his backcountry adventure film after our book -- “The Fourth Phase.” He came to Seattle for an exciting, event-filled two-day shoot, a modest fraction of which appears at the end of the film. I especially appreciated the final scene, immediately after the credits. It shows the adventurers’ campsite at some remote location, at a time of relaxation. A scan shows the series of tents, with Travis’s tent last. He’s lying down, reading a book. Which book? “The Fourth Phase of Water.”

Attached to this post is the teaser. It provides a sense of the amazing feats these athletes can perform. So amazing, in fact, that their previous film qualifies at THE MOST watched sports-action film ever. The producer is Red Bull, who is spending $30 million on promotion of this second film. Their promotion scheme includes a piece prepared for the Discovery Channel, which can be found here. We made it to Hollywood!

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