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NY TEDx Salon

A new TEDx talk was recently presented in New York. This was under the auspices of Gina Bria, who runs the NY TEDx salon. Gina is an anthropologist, who has deep interest in hydration and health, and presented her own talk on that subject at the well-attended session at the Standard Hotel.

While my earlier TEDx talk dealt with the essentials of fourth-phase (EZ) water, the newer one focuses on the role of EZ water in health. I enjoyed putting it together with the helpful coaching of Gina, who urged me to keep a sharp focus, eliminate extraneous slides, and to be mindful that the presentation was not for scientists but the general public; hence, no need to provide evidence (my usual approach) for every statement I make. It went well, with lots of interest and positive feedback from attendees.

In the talk, I presented new evidence showing a close linkage between EZ water and health. Various well-known health expedients turn out to build EZ water. Hence, the possibility exists that those expedients may mediate their health effects through buildup of EZ water, the cell needing that water for function. Also, since EZ water builds from light, I argue in that talk that some of our energy may come ultimately from light, just like green plants and some unicellular organisms.

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