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Very happy to be featured on "The Dr. E Show"

Dr. E Show

Dr. Edith is a holistic medicine doctor (author of "SuperWellness"), who's been a long-time fan of our EZ Water research. She's well-informed on the new water science, so our conversation took many exciting and interesting turns.

Questions & topics explored included:

  • "Nature is fundamentally Simple & Intuitive."

  • Why are there so few true scientific revolutions in the past 100 years, and what can we do to change this?

  • History of Fourth Phase / EZ Water discovery.

  • How to build EZ Water in our body? Infrared Sauna, Sunlight, Grounding/Earthing, Juicing, Breathing, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Hugging Children, Pets, Hugging Trees.

  • What do toxic/poisonous substances or anesthetic drugs do to EZ Water?

  • How do Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) influence water?

  • Development of the Filterless Filter or Solar-Water Battery technologies/

  • How is Water different at Sacred Sites around the planet?

  • What does Vortexing Water do?

  • Future vision - potential technological/social benefits and applications of this new water science. e.g. water's ability to store information, etc.

  • Thoughts about humanity stepping into our fullest potential.

The conversation is filled with great questions, laughter, and insights.

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