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My talk at the House of Lords

We don’t study homeopathy. Nevertheless, my British colleague, Lord Kenneth Ward-Atherton, invited me to present on that topic at a special conference at the House of Lords/Royal Society of Medicine, July 2018. One purpose of that meeting was to put up a strong, visible defense against the British powers that be, who want to make homeopathy illegal in that country. That would make it impossible to obtain homeopathic remedies, which so many English people use regularly; it would also put practicing homeopaths out of business. So, I decided to attend. You can watch my talk here.

I talked about the fourth phase of water, explaining how the structure of that water lends itself to the storage of information, which is central to the action of highly dilute homeopathic preparations. Another plenary speaker presented evidence that the serial dilutions common to homeopathic preparations, do not obey the orthodox chemical expectations that appear in textbooks. Instead, with successive dilutions, one sees the appearance of “nano-aggregates”, which may contain not only some of the original substance, but also water that differs from ordinary water. EZ perhaps? So, when one serially dilutes to the point that, statistically speaking, the original substance should no longer be present, actually it may well be present. Further, the special water that surrounds the substance may carry information from the substance.

Not only was the event a scientific success, but also a social success. The dinner at the House of Lords, a rather austere place, was frequented by various notables, all decked out in black ties. (No, the women left their black ties home.) My (now late) wife and I had the pleasure of sitting next to Susan and Henry Samueli, of Broadcom and philanthropic fame, sharing stories of family issues and more.

The dinner was preceded by a private tour of the House of Lords, as well as the House of Commons. You could almost imagine the cobwebs in that old, and rather austere edifice.. In the House of Commons, you could feel the presence of Winston Churchill, pleading with members to follow his Wartime direction. A memorable experience, for sure.

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